bmb2What’s cooler than owning a brewery? If you’re asking us - nothing. It’s honestly the coolest thing ever! You get to call the shots on everything from which types of beers to brew to what type of polish to use on the fermenters. Not to mention enough free beer to make you the envy of any warm blooded human. It’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it. Unfortunately, qualifications for this sacred position are usually pretty stringent - such as years of relevant industry experience and an expansive portfolio of brewing samples. Everyday beer lovers need not apply.

south21Ask an everyday beer drinker where their beverage of choice comes from and they’ll likely respond with one of these smart responses: “…the liquor store”, “…the bar”, or “…my fridge”. That’s cute. Now, pose that same question to a Brewmaster and prepare yourself for a windfall of information on precisely where they brew, how long they’ve brewed there, and why they started brewing there in the first place.

news For months, the same group of friends met in the same vinyl corner booth at a local St. Paul pub to plot out their dream of starting a craft brewery. After catching up and sharing a few stories, the conversation would turn to planning which styles of beer they would brew, how many people they would need to hire, where the brewery would be located, and the best way to scale production. The overall game plan was simple: Brew quality beer that people will enjoy experiencing over and over again with those closest to them.