Online reservations are no longer required, so to better serve our guests, we are walk in reservations only. To visit our Taproom and Winter Beer Garden, simply stop by! We are looking forward to seeing you. 


A lot has changed in the last few months, but we’re working hard to ensure you can still experience the spirit of Utepils without interruption! Below you’ll find our new COVID-19 guidelines. Please read carefully and contact us with any and all questions. Our goal is to help you feel safe, informed, and supported while enjoying our Taproom and our Beer Garden. 


What to Expect On Your Next Visit to Utepils

Reservations – We are now walk in reservations only. Mask up, check in with a Bartender, grab a beer and spot.  (max of 6 guests)

Seating is first come first served based on availability for both the Taproom & Winter Beer Garden.




Face Coverings – We get it. Face masks are itchy and annoying to wear, but they do an incredible job of preventing the spread of illness. Everyone is required to wear a face covering. Don’t worry; you’ll be in good company. Our staff will be wearing face masks, and once you’ve purchased your favorite Utepils beverage and returned to your seat, you can remove the mask and enjoy the moment. 

Masks are not required once you are out in the Beer Garden. However, you are required to use a mask when interacting with staff, waiting in line, or entering the building for the protection of our staff and other guests. 

If you forget a face mask, our team has a few extra. Just ask! 




Social Distancing – We don’t want to cramp your style. All seating is socially distanced to ensure the safety of our guests and staff. Remember to dress in layers as we can’t guarantee where you will be seated and please respect others by keeping 6 feet spacing with other guests.






Increased Cleaning – We’ve always held a high standard when it comes to the cleanliness of our brewery and Taproom. But we’ve kicked it up a notch to ensure that tables, chairs, and all communal areas are disinfected and cleaned before you arrive and throughout the duration of your stay.  You will be given a reservation marker upon check-in to claim your table or group of chairs.  When it’s time to leave, the marker stays there to trigger our staff to clean and sanitize before the next guests arrive.  Do not change tables without asking staff to clean that original location before others arrive to use it.





Sanitation Stations- No matter where you turn, you’ll find a convenient hand sanitizing station near you. We want to make it easy for you and your guests to feel at ease and have instant access to hand sanitizers within arm’s reach.  

Feel more comfortable outside?  We get it – it’s just one more reason to love our Beer Garden! If you would rather not come inside to check in for your reservation, you can go directly to the Beer Garden via the outside path and check in with the Bartender.   





Air Purifier

We’re proud to announce that we recently installed an advanced air purifying system in our HVAC unit that helps clean the air, break down bacteria, and prevent the spread of pathogens. This helps ensure we all breathe cleaner air and we all stay protected against disease.


We Can’t Wait to See You Again

We promise to do everything we can to protect you and keep you safe and comfortable while you visit our brewery. We only ask that you do your part by following our 5 new guidelines. Together, we can beat this and create new, fun memories. 

We also understand if you don’t feel comfortable socializing yet. That’s why we will continue to offer Beer 2 Go,  so you can still enjoy the refreshing taste of Utepils at home. 

For questions about our COVID-19 guidelines, contact us today.

If you have questions, contact us as shown above or talk to your bartender next time you stop in for a cold one!