Individual MemBEERship



Please read all the way to the end. Important Instructions Await


VIPer MemBEERships offer a Host of Privileges (HOPs) such as Free Beer for 99 Years, Free Growler Fills, Special Access to events & Limited Release Beers. Why 99 Years? Because we’ve made it transferable. You can gift it, leave it in your will, or sell it (by law, you can’t sell it for more than face value.) Nice deal, for example if you’ve retire to Florida or get transferred by your employer to Atlanta.


And, you’re now part of the Community Supporting the creation of Utepils Brewing with funds to add special amenities to our Beer Garden and Indoor Taproom that we call the Fernweh.


VIPer MemBEERship details and the formal legal contract with all the details (many more Privileges than listed here and the scary lawyer stuff) are on our website page


Click the Sign Up Button and follow the instructions. VIPer MemBEERships are only valid when both payment and sign MemBEERship documents are received by Utepils Brewing Co.