Food and Drink

Q: Which styles of beer do you produce?
A: Check out our Beer page.


Q: Do you serve wine, cider, or other alcoholic beverages besides beer?
A: In the state of Minnesota we are only allowed to serve the alcoholic beverages that we produce on site. We do not produce wine or cider in our facility and are only able to offer beer as our alcoholic option.


Q: Do you offer non-alcoholic beverages?
A: Yes. We offer variety of non-alcoholic beverages, including, but not limited to: root beer, cream soda, ginger ale, orange soda, cold press coffee, and kombucha.


Q: Do you sell growlers?
A: You bet your behind we do! 64oz. pre-filled growlers will be available for sale during our hours of operation until 10pm. By law, all growlers must be consumed off the brewery’s property. Check taproom for hours of operation.


Q: Will you fill my own growler instead of swapping it out?
A: Yes. If you request to have the same growler filled, we will happily fill it on-site with our Growler Filler. Growler must be clean and free of debris prior to fill.


Q: Will you fill growlers from other breweries?
A: Yes. Please ensure growler is clean prior to fill.


Q: Do you offer reimbursement for growlers?
A: No. If you purchase a brand new growler, you get to enjoy the benefits of a reduced refill rate while you have it. We do not offer a refund on glass or a “growler deposit.”


Q: How long is a growler good for?
A:Our growlers are good UNOPENED for up to four weeks. Uncapped growlers need to be consumed immediately.


Q: Do you offer food?
A: Food trucks park at Utepils on a nightly basis. Please check the food truck schedule for a listing of trucks. We also offer chips, pretzels, and beef sticks if you’re in need of a quick snack.


Q: Can I bring in outside food?
A: Yes. Bring in any treats and snacks you would like, but note that we do not carry any extra plates, napkins, or utensils so plan accordingly, and please tidy up your space when you are finished.


Q: Can I bring in outside alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages?
A: Absolutely not.


Q: Do you have gluten-free options?
A: Only non-alcoholic beverages are gluten-free. Our beer is not gluten-free, nor is our brewery a gluten-free facility.



Q: Are kiddos allowed?
A: Yes! Our taproom offers non-alcoholic craft sodas and games for all ages. If you are planning on making it a family affair, please note that minors under the age of 21 are not allowed in the brewery after 9pm.


Q: Are dogs allowed in the taproom?
A: No. We are a first and foremost a production facility that has a strict no pet policy. Dogs are welcome outdoors in our backyard area.


Q: How many people does your taproom seat?
A: We have roughly 150 seats, and a total occupation of 197.


Q: Is your taproom handicap accessible?
A: Yes. We have a lift located at the end of the bathroom hallway.


Q: What if I forgot to close my tab?
A: No problem! That’s why we give your card back to you, but please be aware that we have the right to charge a 20% gratuity fee for any unclosed tabs by the end of the night.


Q: Do you offer Wi-Fi?
A: Yes. The password will be available at the bar.


Q: Do you allow party buses?
A: Yes. However, we would love to know in advance that you will be enjoying our taproom, so we can make plans to provide the best service to all our guests.


Q: Can I take a tour of your brewery?
A: We currently do not offer tours.


Q: Can I leave my vehicle overnight?
A: Utepils Brewing does not own or control the parking lot outside of our building and therefore cannot guarantee the security of your vehicle in the parking lot overnight. Public parking is available on the streets near the facility if you need an overnight parking space.

Please also respect tenant-specific parking lot signage and refrain from parking in front of our dock doors. This space is reserved for food trucks and deliveries only.


Activities and Events

Q: What types of activities do you offer in your taproom? 
A: We offer a selection of board games, cards, and free pool to keep you entertained, as well as nightly programming.


Q: Can I schedule an event at Utepils?
A: For event requests please send email to: events@utepilsbrewing.com


Q: Can I reserve space in your brewery for a private event?
A: We offer a limited number of spaces for private rental. Please contact events@utepilsbrewing.com for more information and pricing.


Q: Do you have a private event space?
A: We are an open air brewery and taproom and do not have any private event spaces at this time.



Sponsorships and Donations

Q: Will you sponsor our sports team?
A: At Utepils, we don’t play favorites. That’s why we look for ways to support local sports leagues as a whole instead of sponsoring individual teams. We may occasionally make exceptions for nonprofessional sports that are as classic and traditional as our beers, such as curling and hurling.


Q: Do you make donations?
A: Situationally we do make donations. Please contact us for consideration.