Loonar Eclipse

Now Utepils is offering beer drinkers the chance to make their “moment” a true Utepils Moment with their first annual limited-edition Moment beer. “We take a yearly beer tasting trip to Europe (affectionately known as ‘Beer Trippin’’) in the fall, and we use that trip to find an idea or recipe to identify our Moment beer for the following spring,” explains Utepils founder and owner Dan Justesen. “These trips give us a chance to further appreciate the European traditions and styles of beer. Then we bring an idea or a flavor home and offer a fresh, local take on it,” says Justesen. “In 2017 we went to the Czech Republic and visited a dozen or more breweries. Upon our return, we heard an outcry for a beer similar to what we had just experienced.” The result of that trip is Loonar Eclipse, a Czech-style dark lager, which we will bring back every year to recapture the Moment.

5.1% ABV   |    42 IBU