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How We DU Good in the Community

At Utepils Brewing, Co. we’re known for two things: (1) brewing delicious, European-style beers for friends to share and enjoy together and (2) making our environment a better place to live, work, and play. Each month, through our philanthropic dU Good outreach program, we support a different community organization. Through donation drives, volunteering, and charity events, we work to give back to our favorite community and inspire neighbors to create positive changes in the lives of others.

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Help Utepils DU More Good Near You

Looking to give back to your local community? Fill out the volunteer form below and get ready to set out and hang with our crew for a few hours, as we work together to improve the places we call home. Afterwards, you’re invited to make your way back to our brewery to celebrate with a beer (first rounds on always on us!).

FAQs About Our DU Good Outreach Program

Q: Which Organizations Does Utepils Support through dU Good Community Outreach?

A: We’re proud to support organizations that focus their outreach efforts on health & wellness; hunger/food stability; kids; community/social; and environment. We also donate within the state of Minnesota and prefer to focus our energy on local community programs.

Q: What Types of Donation Drives Will Utepils Coordinate?

A: We donate certificates that can be used as a silent auction item or raffle prize. We do not donate beer, money, or "sponsor/buy a table" events. To learn more about our donation drives, contact us today!

Q: How Can I Get Utepils to Support My Organization?

A: If you’d like to work with Utpeils to support your upcoming outreach event, coordinate a donation drive, or volunteer program, fill out the form below. We recommend planning to submit your request to us at least two months prior to your upcoming event. This allows us to organize our team of dU gooders and raise donations during the first week of every month.

Once you have submitted your request, be sure to check your email in two weeks for a response from our team.

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