Fernweh – the feeling or sense that you have finally arrived home walking into a place you’ve never been before and could not have described before arrival.

Utepils is a Norwegian word that encapsulates“the longing and anticipation for the first beer enjoyed in the sunshine.”As Minnesotans, we know the feeling of longing for the end of winter hibernation. There’s nothing like stepping outside with a good beer to celebrate spring and renewal of life. That’s the Utepils moment. (And with the right beer and the right people, a Utepils moment doesn’t have to wait until spring—it can happen any time.)


The Fernweh taproom evokes a sense of comfort, relaxation, and conviviality among friends, and not-yet-friends. This flexible space scales to the number of patrons, which offers the ability to events. Winter ski parties, garden gatherings upon the banks of the creek—the possibilities are endless. And there’ll always be good beer.


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MONDAY: 3:00PM — 10:00PM
TUESDAY: 3:00PM — 10:00PM
WEDNESDAY: 3:00PM— 10:00PM
THURSDAY: 3:00PM — 10:00PM
FRIDAY: 3:00PM — 11:00PM
SATURDAY: 12:00PM — 11:00PM
SUNDAY: 12:00PM — 8:00PM


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