Utepils’ Silver Linings Series

Help Us Support Those in the Hospitality Industry amid COVID-19


In the hospitality industry, we continue to have one another’s backs. And here at Utepils Brewing, we always try to look for the “Silver Lining” in every situation. Right now our industry is finding itself in uncharted waters, both on a local and state level. Covid-19 has opened our eyes to a bigger picture and inspired us to look for ways to give back to those impacted.


We are pleased to announce the official-roll out of our “Silver Linings Series”. This will be a series of beers brewed by Utepils, where every dollar from every pint sold will go towards The Silver Linings Fund, a non-profit program developed to help support employees in the industry who are financially impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID – 19).


How Local Brewers Can Help

We are asking every brewery that is willing and able to join the movement, in any form or fashion, to help support our industry. The more we work together, the better off we will all be.


We are putting together a Board of Directors, consisting of our founders Dan and Deb Justesen, along with two members of our staff, Jordan Weller and Ken Smith. Jordan Weller is our taproom manager and responsible for the creation of our new “Silver Linings Series” logo. Ken Smith has been with us in various roles and came to us with this great idea.


How You Can Help

Our hope is that with the help of local brewers’ and you, our loyal Utepils’ patrons we can support this fund and help our industry’s family members in times of need. Too many in our industry have limited benefits, and there are holes in our social safety net that we are trying to close, even if it takes one beer at a time to accomplish this.


Within the coming weeks, we will roll out the new series of beer styles and announce our upcoming concert series that you can live-stream and enjoy at home with a can of Utepils. We are also staying hopeful and anticipating an in-person launch party in the foreseeable future at our taproom.


To stay connected and learn how you can help the Silver Linings Series, follow the movement on Twitter (@silverliningsseries) and Instagram (@silver_linings_series) and remember to share with friends and family, too.


Special thanks to Martha Engel (Marjen LLC) and Ryan Schildkraut (Winthrop) for their willingness to take this on pro bono and provide their expertise as we continue to move forward.


From all of us at Utepils, we thank you for your continued support. Remember, we are here. We will continue to make beer, and we will continue to look out for one another.